Deactivating Recurring Payments

If you previously set up a recurring payment that you no longer want to be in place, you can stop SigmaPay from taking any future recurring payments.


To deactivate recurring payments:


  1. Log on to SigmaPay.

  2. From the link menu, click Register for Recurring Payment/Payoff Quote.

The Register Recurring Payment screen appears, showing your customer information and Customer details.

  1. In the Customer Details area, click the Account number for which you want to set up a recurring payment.

The Balance Information area appears.

  1. In the Balance Information area, click the Deactivate button for the account that you no longer want to use recurring payments.

A dialog box displays that states: Are you sure you want to deactivate this recurring schedule?

  1. Click OK.

Recurring payments will not be taken on this account. You will receive an email confirming this change to recurring payments.